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An Eden Natural Pool is an installation that serves beyond just being a swimming pool. Year-round it will not only be a part of your property’s ecosystem but also an attractive aesthetic addition to your landscape. Therefore, thought will need to be lent to the planting, rock and stone, decking, paving and other features that you want to accompany your Eden Natural Pool environment.


New Zealand possesses a broad spectrum of aquatic plant species that fit the role of plant filters in a natural pool.

‘Deep-water aquatics’ can be found in waterways throughout the country but all too often they’re overrun by imported species. In a small way, with an Eden Natural Pool, it is possible to reverse this imbalance. In your own natural pool you can enjoy native aquatics such as Glossastigma. Nothing can surpass the kiwi range of grasses and sedges which can create a beautiful natural environment, while also working as a natural filter for your pool.

Plant choice is entirely yours - traditional pond species such as water lilies and iris combined with ‘workhorse’ fully aquatic plants can offer a spectacular summer palette. A combination of both exotic and New Zealand native species is also an option, combining the New Zealand natural beauty with some well chosen international drifts of colour.

With the softness of the Earth Wall pool it is possible to have a closer relationship between nature and swimming. Conversely with the Concrete Wall pool, if you’re interested in a more architectural surrounding, a hard landscaped pool can introduce greater formality and swimming areas can be separated from the regeneration zone.


Our landscape experts* can help make your pool environment your own slice of paradise with the addition of many features, examples of which may be:

  • Walkways
  • Jetties
  • Pergolas
  • Logs
  • Boulders
  • Sculptures

*Eden delivers full-service professional landscaping or we can collaborate with your own landscaper.